Friday, January 13, 2012

Book Review: Mr. Millennium

Title of Book: Mr. Millennium
Author: Morgan Nyberg
Publisher: Amazon (May 5, 2011)

Available: Amazon

Gabor Esterhazy is Mr. MILLENNIUM, a bright, young but troubled manual laborer who is taken under the very shady wing of a secret society. Their claim: that he is descended from Jesus Christ himself! Surely the resulting fame, power, money and adulation will bring him the peace he needs? Or will he find, too late, that he is merely a puppet, placed on a false throne to satisfy the insidious aims of those who claim to care for him?

Follow Gabor Esterhazy as he goes determinedly off the rails, and his journey toward happiness becomes a dark and comic shambles of lust, deceit and mayhem.

Mr. Millennium provides a penetrating look into the dark side of the human condition. We find ourselves asking, at times, how we would react if put into a similar position. The depravity of Gabor’s actions, his misuse of the so-called “present” and “opportunity” awarded him at first, not only disgusts us, but angers us. Possibly because we can identify with a part of him, however small.

I found the book very well written. We are carried along convincingly, meeting well constructed and unique characters who add significantly both to the pace and meaning of the book. The author’s detailed descriptions do not bog us down, as descriptions in many books are wont to do, but carry us  effortlessly along, adding more meat and flavour to the book.

The one thing that surprises me about this book is that I am the first person to review it. This is the first book by Morgan Nyberg that I have read and I am sure to read more. Morgan is not only an expert story teller, but he is also a master of prose. I strongly recommend this book to all who want a really good thought provoking read.

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