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  1. Hello...please consider for review:

    Title of book: Chattanooga
    Author's name: Chet Raymo and Dan Raymo
    Author's email:
    Category:Literary Fiction
    eBook formats: Kindle
    ISBN: 0983681007
    ASIN: B0052G9M4C
    Publication Date:11/2011
    Published by Platypus Multimedia
    Summary of eBook:
    Set against the backdrop of World War II and growing racial tension in Tennessee, Chattanooga finds Mamie Buffon, her seven daughters, two son-in-laws, granddaughter, bed-ridden brother, and two black housekeepers packed together in a highly dysfunctional household fraught with marital, sexual and racial tension. None of them could possibly imagine what the summer of 1944 had in store for them as the novel hurtles towards its dramatic conclusion.

  2. Hello Dan,
    Yes, I would be interested in reviewing your book. I will contact you through your email address.