Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Welcome to The Virtual Muser eBook Review

Have you written an eBook and are tired of finding book review sites which only accept books in print format for review, or put printed books at the top of the waiting list?

We've decided to help eBooks find a proper place in the book review world by starting a book review which only* accepts eBooks. Why shouldn't eBooks also get a VIP treatment.

If you are interested in having your eBook reviewed, please send us an email including the details that are requested in the "Request Review" section.

*Note: If you have a book in both eBook and print format, we will accept the eBook version of the book for review.


  1. New follower via book blogs, thought I'd say hi! Trev @ trevsliteraryreview.blogspot.com

  2. Hi Trev,

    Good to hear from you and have you as a follower.